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Cotswold Gates BESPOKE gate build service

At Cotswold Gates we specialise in crafting bespoke gates, offering a tailored service to meet the unique requirements and preferences of each customer.

For more information on our services we provide, see below or give us a call to discuss your bespoke gate installation today.

introducing the Cotswold Gates Process

 1. initial conversation

We always start by talking with our customers, whether that is face to face, or over the phone. It’s our opinion that in order to create something you truly love, we need to know a little more about you, and your requirements; whether we’re installing a new gate build, or replacing an old gate. Everything we find out in our initial conversation, will help us when we come to the design process.

 2. design, build and installation

When we design your gate, we believe it’s important you can visualise what it’ll look like. And what better way to do this than being able to physically see your custom gate build. So many customers come to us having received quotes from companies who don’t provide any form of visualisation. As standard, all of our custom gate builds come with a CAD design drawing, ensuring posts, hinges, and motors are fitted correctly. We also provide optional 2D or 3D renders. 

We are an end-to-end company; therefore, we do everything in-house. You will never need to speak to more than one person. After we’ve designed your custom build gate, we will then move onto the building and installation. And as we’re one company, we provide a quick turn-around.

 3. aftercare and maintenance package

From time-to-time things can go wrong, so we provide a 12-month warranty on your gate automation, to give you peace of mind in case you do need any repairs. 

As well as our guaranteed warranty, we also provide an optional maintenance package for all of our custom gate builds. We highly recommend it, as working with British weather, electrics and certain materials, maintenance will be required.

This optional package includes a health check every 12 months, and callouts at no extra charge. We will speak with you about this in more depth when we have our initial conversation, but to give you an idea we provide an enhanced platinum service for year 1 of your installation. We can then provide you with extended service contracts if you would like to continue with this service.



Cotswold gates is part of our wider company – The Good Group. We provide a variety of custom gate builds to people wanting to invest in a gate, whether that’s for added security, privacy, or both. We pride ourselves on the long-lasting relationships we build with our customers, by getting to know them, and ensuring we fully understand their wants and needs. It’s important to us that we get to know you, so we can create a gate you’ll love.


We source sustainable material, and build hard-wearing, automatic and manual gates, that not only fulfil your needs, but exceed them. We know that custom gate builds are an investment that have the potential to add value to your property. Therefore, we want to design something that is both practical, and aesthetically pleasing. 



As a company with vast technical, and home renovation experience, spanning across our founding company Design AV, and our sister company, The Good Group, we decided to delve deeper into our expertise to create Cotswold Gates. Having dealt with the frustrations of working with multiple trades people on personal projects, we wanted to bring our expertise and passion under one roof, to provide a truly unique service. In bringing Cotswold Gates to fruition, we knew we wanted to design and build sustainable products that would benefit our customers. Having built many long-lasting relationships with our customers, we are in prime position to provide a level of excellence you don’t see often in trades businesses.

Cotswold Gates provides you with exceptional products, and excellent service, so that you work with us for years to come. Read more information about the Cotswold Gates team.

our new gates have Transformed the front of our house...

"We wanted to write and say how happy we are with our new gates, they have completely transformed the front of our house!’ Your team were a pleasure to work with from start to finish, everyone was knowledgeable and professional, and the job was completed to a very high standard. We would not hesitate in recommending Cotswold Gates’"

Mr R Green
designs were exactly what we were looking for...

Fantastic service! From the first conversation we knew we had made the right decision, Damian provided us with clear advice and information, and his designs were exactly what we were looking for. The gates were delivered and fitted on time and nothing was too much trouble. It’s a joy to turn into our driveway and see our stylish new gates, contemporary and secure. Thank you Cotswold Gates, we are beyond happy!’"

Mrs Williams
Cotswold Gates modified them to be flood proof...

“Cotswold gates supplied and fitted the remote controlled gates at our newly built house. We are extremely pleased with them! They look great, they are very solidly made and they worked perfectly from day one. After we discovered that we were getting flood water from the road, Cotswold gates modified them to be flood proof. All this work was done very professionally. I can’t recommend them highly enough”

John Turner



Fulfill and exceed your needs, by creating bespoke, custom built gates


install quality gates using the best, most sustainable material from quality suppliers


provide an end-to-end service and Forging long-lasting relationships


Can you put a gate on your driveway?

Yes, you can, as long as it is no more than 1 metre tall by a highway or footpath, or 2 metres tall anywhere else, you won’t require any form of planning permission. In addition, you can replace any gate of any size, as long as it is no bigger than the gate it is replacing. A Driveway gate has many benefits, including added privacy and security for your home. On top of this, driveway gates can increase the value of your property, as some home owners see them as a luxury.

How much does it cost to get a driveway gate?

This all depends on your driveway gate specification, softwood is generally cheaper than hardwood, and metal is more expensive than both. The size of your driveway gate and also whether it has gate automation installed, all play a part in the overall cost. For a free, no obligation quote, give us a call.

What material is best for the main gate?

This is down to personal preference. If you want wood, hardwood is more durable than softwood, but softwood is cheaper. We find metal, or composite materials provide the most longevity, and we would ideally recommend composite, or aluminum, over all over forms, but it’s entirely up to you.

What size should a gate be?

This is completely personal to you. We may make recommendations based on your property size, and where we’re installing the gate. But as all our gates are made bespoke to you, they can pretty much be any size. One thing to consider is you may require a double swing gate (if going for a swing gate), as one door may not be big enough for the scope of your driveway.

How long will my gate last?

Anything that lives outside needs to be maintained. It doesn’t matter how good it is, or the material used. Water, humidity and the general physical changes in weather dictate that any electrical, or mechanical system will need to be maintained in order to thrive. If maintained correctly, there’s no reason it shouldn’t last a lifetime.