Bespoke, made to measure gates, exceeding your wildest dreams

Introducing Cotswold Gates custom gate build

We know what it takes to create a truly bespoke gate that will not only function the way you want, but will also look the way you want. Our custom gate build is like no other, we take into consideration all of your needs, wants and personal style, to ensure we provide an exceptional product you can be proud of.

From our initial contact, through to our aftercare, every single detail is thought through, and planned, so that you receive your gate as quickly as possible. We’re really passionate about the products we provide, which is why we’re confident in our abilities to exceed your expectations, and we want you to be equally as excited.

From our 12 month warranty on all of our gate products, to our maintenance package, we’ve left no stone unturned. The bespoke gates we create represent you, your home, and us, so we know how important it is to get them right.

Does this sound familiar…


You’re looking for a custom gate build but are unsure what would suit your property best.


You want a bespoke gate that will last for years to come.


You’ve used made to measure gate providers before but find the turnaround is too long.

Custom Gates
Custom Gates
Custom Gates
Custom Gates

Imagine if you could…


Work with professionals who pride themselves on developing relationships with their customers, in order to provide an exceptional custom gate build that suits your home.


Purchase a long-lasting, durable, bespoke gate that not only meets your needs but exceeds them.


Receive a quick turnaround from the initial planning stage, through to the completion and maintenance of your made to measure gate.

The features and benefits of Cotswold Gates custom gate builds

 We get to know you, so we can provide a truly bespoke gate you’ll love

We say it time and time again but building long-lasting relationships with our customers is what Custom Gates is all about. And because we enjoy what we do, it’s important to us that you love the finished product. We can give our recommendations on the technical aspects of your custom gate build, but only when we truly get to know you can we get a feel for the design and spec of what your bespoke gate should look like.

With an initial phone call we will profile your likes and dislikes. The last thing we want is to provide a functional product that doesn’t suit your style and flair. We want your bespoke gate to compliment you, and your property. And it can only truly do this, once we know a little bit more about you.

 A quick turnaround, with an exceptional aftercare package

At Cotswold Gates we pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with our clients. Because of the solid foundations we’ve cemented, we have access to an array of quality materials. We work in-house, under one roof, so the turnaround we provide is quick and efficient.

On top of this, we provide an exceptional aftercare package for your made to measure gate. This is an optional product, but one we strongly advise all of our customers to benefit from. Custom gate builds require maintenance, in order to keep them in excellent condition. Just like other important, functioning machines, such as a boiler, your bespoke gate will need maintaining.

Our optional maintenance package ensures your made to measure gate receives a yearly health check. And as we work locally, we’re able to attend any call outs on the same day for the duration of your bespoke gates lifetime.

 Bespoke gates that not only meet your needs, but exceed them

It’s important to us that we provide a product that you’re just as proud of as we are. Whatever your reasoning behind your custom gate build, whether you want some more privacy, or require extra security, we want your bespoke gate to blow you away. 

This is why building relationships is so important to us, we need to get to know you in order to provide a product bespoke to you, that you are happy with. 

Custom Gates
Access Controlled Gates
our new gates have Transformed the front of our house...

"We wanted to write and say how happy we are with our new gates, they have completely transformed the front of our house!’ Your team were a pleasure to work with from start to finish, everyone was knowledgeable and professional, and the job was completed to a very high standard. We would not hesitate in recommending Cotswold Gates’"

Mr R Green
designs were exactly what we were looking for...

Fantastic service! From the first conversation we knew we had made the right decision, Damian provided us with clear advice and information, and his designs were exactly what we were looking for. The gates were delivered and fitted on time and nothing was too much trouble. It’s a joy to turn into our driveway and see our stylish new gates, contemporary and secure. Thank you Cotswold Gates, we are beyond happy!’"

Mrs Williams

ARE you ready to…

Enjoy your custom gate build for years to come.

Feel secure in the knowledge that your bespoke gate is truly one of a kind, providing safety and privacy.

Have peace of mind that you’re only working with one company for the duration of your custom gate build.

Work with a sustainable business that offer excellent products and aftercare packages.



Fulfill and exceed your needs, by creating bespoke, custom built gates


install quality gates using the best, most sustainable material from quality suppliers


provide an end-to-end service and Forging long-lasting relationships


Do you need planning permission to install driveway gates?

There are a number of variables to consider when installing a custom gate build, but generally speaking, no, you wouldn’t need planning permission.

However, if the gate is to be over 1 metre tall (next to a highway, or footpath), or 2 metres tall (elsewhere), then you may need to apply for planning permission. We can speak with you about this though and ensure you’re fully aware from the get go if planning permission will be required.

Do gates add value to a property?

Yes, custom gate builds can add up to 5% value to your home. The reason for this is because buyers feel the house is more private and secure if a gate is installed, especially if it’s a bigger home. So your gate can be a great selling point for your home.

How much does a custom gate cost?

Unfortunately without a consultation call, it would be impossible to even provide a rough figure. Custom gate builds are designed with you in mind, and are bespoke to your wants and needs. Therefore, without having a conversation it’s not possible to give you a figure. But if you give us a call we can discuss your gate needs in more detail and we can provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

How do I build my own gate?

In our opinion, you don’t. Building a gate to add security and privacy to your home, with an automated gate access system is near impossible for someone with little, to no experience. Our gate designs are complex and difficult to install, we have vast experience with building and technologies that make us well equipped to deal with custom gate builds that you just won’t have. 

Reliability and safety are key, best practises are learned over many years working with mechanical and electrical systems. Many ‘professionally’ installed systems are unreliable. We are experts and can manage everything from electrical, mechanical, ground works, weatherproofing and safety.

How long will my gate last?

Anything that lives outside needs to be maintained. It doesn’t matter how good it is, or the material used. Water, humidity and the general physical changes in weather dictate that any electrical, or mechanical system will need to be maintained in order to thrive. If maintained correctly, there’s no reason it shouldn’t last a lifetime.