Gate Installation to your custom design

We supply and fit gates, providing an exceptional end-to-end service

Introducing Cotswold Gates, gate installation end to end service

Our gate installation end-to-end service is unlike any other, from our initial telephone conversation/face to face meeting, right through to our 12 month warranty and optional aftercare package. We leave no stone unturned. 

It can be frustrating when you aren’t working with a company who can supply and fit gates, but the process is long-winded. And even if you do find an end-to-end gate installation company, if they aren’t exceptional at all aspects of your electric gate installation, you will probably end up wishing you’d gone elsewhere. 

Luckily, at Cotswold Gates, we have built solid foundations with our suppliers, so we know the materials we use are second to none. On top of this, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide an exceptional end-to-end service. So much so we actively want to do more for you, which is why we provide an optional maintenance package. We also ensure all of our gates come with a 12 month warranty, so you can have peace of mind that if anything were to go wrong, you are covered. 

The main reason why we are good at what we do, is because we are passionate about our products, create long-lasting relationships, and are experienced in what we do. This is why we pride ourselves on the level of commitment we put into each and every gate installation. 

The security, and privacy of your home is paramount. This is why it’s so important to us that you trust us, and are happy with the overall service you receive.

Does this sound familiar…


You’re struggling to find a gate installation company who can also design your bespoke gate.


You’ve worked with companies before who supply and fit gates, but have found the process too long.


You want to work with like-minded people, who care about your custom design.

Gate Installation
Gate Installation
Gate Installation
Gate Installation

Imagine if you could…


Work with one company who will not only provide your gate installation, but will also design and create your bespoke gate.


Receive a quick turnaround from the initial planning stage, through to your electric gate installation.


Work with professionals, who build relationships with their customers, and understand the importance of good customer service.

The features and benefits of Cotswold Gates, gate installation

 We are a company who both supply and fit gates, so everything is dealt with under one roof

At Cotswold Gates we believe our end-to-end service ensures a smoother, and more customer-friendly journey. We aren’t relying on other tradespeople, or companies who we have no experience of dealing with, so your project can be dealt with more quickly.

It’s important to us that we communicate clearly with our customers, so they’re fully aware of what is happening and when. By providing everything in-house, this is a lot easier to do, especially as we are a family-run business. You can find out more about us here.

 Our planning process is second to none

As we both supply and fit gates, we will come up with a plan of action for your gate installation, without relying on external sources. Then, everything can be planned and executed properly in a quick and simple timeframe. If we didn’t provide an end-to-end service, this level of planning wouldn’t be achievable, as we’d be relying on other tradespeople to fulfill their part.


Because everything is dealt with under one roof, our turnaround is a lot quicker than companies who require multiple trades businesses. It’s uncommon to find a business who can design, build, craft, install, and maintain your access control gate, but at Cotswold Gates, that’s exactly what we do.

We will speak with you, either face to face or over the phone, to understand your needs and wants better. We’ll then design a truly exceptional custom gate build and speak again to see if 1) you’re happy with it and 2) if there’s anything you’d like us to change, add, or remove. And once your access control gate is built, we don’t stop there.

 You can be safe in the knowledge that your gate installation is in good hands, as we take care of it for years to come

It’s not enough for us to just provide you with an end-to-end gate installation service, we want to do more than that. We’re passionate about the products and customer service we provide. 

We provide a 12 month warranty on all of our gates. On top of this we offer an optional maintenance package to all of our customers, so that your electric gate installation receives the full care it deserves. Once a year, we will complete a health check on your gate, to ensure everything is still in working order. And because we work locally we can attend any additional callouts on the same day. 

We provide this service to our customers for now and many years to come. For more information about our maintenance package, give us a call.

Access Controlled Gates
our new gates have Transformed the front of our house...

"We wanted to write and say how happy we are with our new gates, they have completely transformed the front of our house!’ Your team were a pleasure to work with from start to finish, everyone was knowledgeable and professional, and the job was completed to a very high standard. We would not hesitate in recommending Cotswold Gates’"

Mr R Green
designs were exactly what we were looking for...

Fantastic service! From the first conversation we knew we had made the right decision, Damian provided us with clear advice and information, and his designs were exactly what we were looking for. The gates were delivered and fitted on time and nothing was too much trouble. It’s a joy to turn into our driveway and see our stylish new gates, contemporary and secure. Thank you Cotswold Gates, we are beyond happy!’"

Mrs Williams

ARE you ready to…

Work with a sustainable business who will design, build, install and maintain your gate.

Have peace of mind that you are only working with one company, for the duration of your gate installation, so the turnaround is quick.

Receive excellent customer service, from like-minded people, who appreciate the importance of maintaining customer relationships.

Enjoy your gate for years to come, due to good quality materials and excellent product maintenance.



Fulfill and exceed your needs, by creating bespoke, custom built gates


install quality gates using the best, most sustainable material from quality suppliers


provide an end-to-end service and Forging long-lasting relationships


How much does it cost to get a gate installed?

As we provide an end-to-end service, where we design, build and install your gate, we wouldn’t be able to give you a ballpark figure. Your gate installation is included as part of the overall cost for your custom gate build, and as everything is dealt with in-house it’s a smoother and quicker process because of this.

Also, as each gate installation is different, from manual gates, to electric, wooden to metal, the cost of installation may vary considerably between different gates.

How do you install a gate?

There are a number of different ways to install a gate, and it all depends on the materials we’re using and also what we’re attaching the gate to (fence/wood, brick, concrete).

Can you put a gate on your driveway?

Yes of course, gates can add privacy, security and beauty to a property. There’s no reason you wouldn’t be allowed to put a gate on your driveway, unless you would require planning permission due to its height. We can discuss this with you though if you’d like to give us a call.

Should a gate open in or out?

Some gates will open in and out, so the way you open those would depend on preference.

But for automated gates, they should open inwards (toward the property), one of the main reasons for this is because gates cannot open onto public paths, or highways.

How long will my gate last?

Anything that lives outside needs to be maintained. It doesn’t matter how good it is, or the material used. Water, humidity and the general physical changes in weather dictate that any electrical, or mechanical system will need to be maintained in order to thrive. If maintained correctly, there’s no reason it shouldn’t last a lifetime.